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Selling a probate property

If you’re looking to sell an inherited property within West Sussex – look no further.

Home Sale Hub team understands that you may want to sell the property as quick as possible whether it is for financial or personal.

At HomeSaleHub we are experienced in dealing with sensitive cases. We also understand that selling a probate property can be complex.

We are here to support you throughout the process. You also do not need to worry about the state of the property. Even though the property require extensive renovation we will still buy it.

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We buy probate properties quickly for cash – no matter their condition.

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Selling probate property with Home Sale Hub your local cash buyer

Dealing with the estate after a death of a loved one is paarticularly difficult. Home Sale Hub understands how stressful and emotional the processs can be. We are here  to support you. If youwant to sell your property quickly get in touch with us or visit our local office. Our advisors will  be happy walk you through the process and answer any questions you may have. We know that selling the property is pobaably the last thing  you want to be dealing with at this difficult moment.

The process is easy. We try to make it as  hassle-free as possible:

STEP 1: Have your inherited property valued by our  experienced  team.

STEP 2: Determine the total amount of inherited debts including any outstanding mortgage payments

STEP 3: Decide on a time scale, we can work very quickly if  you need us to

STEP 4: We deal with the legaal side of transaction take care of solicitors fees

STEP 5: We transfer the money into your account. Once the Grant of Probate has been made it can be done within days.

We can work quickly because we have funds readily avaibale and we cooperate with trusted solicitors. Dealing with the bank, brokers and estate agents is taken out of the equation. Our team knows the local market very well and they can advise  when needed. We have bought many inherited properties in the past and the experience in that matter is invaluable when dealing with probate properties with sensitivity and care.

Why sell to Home Sale Hub?


Home Sale Hub is an experienced property  buying company that specialises in buying local properties in West Sussex. The fact that we operate locally gives us an advatage over other nationwide property buying compaanies. We regularly deal with delicate and difficult cases, nothing is too complex for us!

We can promise you:

  • Kind approach
  • No fees
  • Knowledge & experience
  • No viewings
  • Quick sale
  • Clearance assistance if required
  • Compassionate customer service

    If you have any questions about selling a probate property do not hesitate and contact us today

Things you need to check when selling a probate property:

  •  Is your name on the deed? If not you need apply for a Grant of Probate – you can do it via gov website – it take around 2 months
  • Have you arrange the clearance of the property? You can do it yourself. If you sell it to us we can take that task off your shoulders
  • Have you informed the insurance company?  properties that are not occupied for 30 days require special insurance
  •  Any outstanding bills, including mortgage and loan payments,  need to be paid until the sale is completed
  • You can put the property on the market, it can be advertised but legally it cannot be sold until the probate is granted.
  • You will have to pay inheritance tax

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