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There’s more to a home than bricks and mortar and
there’s more to a company than an office.

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Local Market Knowledge

We’ve worked in and around Sussex for a long time so we know all the ins and outs. We can help with any problem you may have.


Our friendly team prides itself on being helpful, giving the best advice and not putting any pressure on. Property sales are stressful enough and we are here to help.

Quick House Sale specialists

Our bread and butter is helping people sell their properties fast, we can exchange contracts in an unmatchable time compared to traditional methods.

Cash Property Buyers

We can buy any house in Sussex for cash, we can exchange incredibly quick or in a time frame that suits you, we offer a discrete service to help you as you need.


Our senior property valuer he’s seen everything and knows everything else.


Leads from the front, his knowledge and passion drives his great customer service.


A real go get getter, he’s in your corner and he’ll give you the best advice for whatever circumstance you’ll be in.


Tirelessly works towards helping you with your property day and night. He will get you what you need.

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